While in the film the park was experiencing drops in visitor rates the US box office wasn’t, with Jurassic World raking in an estimated $204.6 million at the domestic box office breaking records. Jurassic World now holds the title of June’s biggest weekend cume beating out Man of Steel and also gifting the dinosaurs the second biggest weekend ever at the domestic box office beating out Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.3 million) weekend cume that it made earlier this year. Jurassic World also has a shot at beating out the first Avengers film ($207.4 million) for the biggest weekend opening ever if it does better than industry projections.

Spy made an estimated $16 million in its second weekend of release. The Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starring San Andreas made an estimated $11.01 million in its third week of release. The third chapter in the Insidious franchise scared the box office out of  an estimated $7.3 million in its second week of release. Pitch Perfect 2 took in an estimated 5.97 million in it’s fifth week of release.

Internationally Jurassic World dominated the box office, making an estimated $307.2 million dollars bringing it to a weekend total of 511.8 million, the biggest worldwide weekend ever beating out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($483.2 million) and also being the first film to ever make $500 million plus in it’s opening weekend worldwide.

This is a massive win for Universal, with Jurassic World costing $150 million to make they have already made their money back just from the US alone in one weekend and given that the film was only tracking for a $100-120 million opening earlier in the week Universal and everybody involved with the film has to be jumping with joy. This further propels Chris Pratt to leading man stardom with the success of this and Guardians of the Galaxy last year and given that Pratt is signed on for more Jurassic films expect to hear some news on a sequel very soon.

1. Jurassic World – $204.6 million.
2. Spy – $16 million.
3. San Andreas – $11.01 million.
4. Insidious Chapter Three – $7.3 million.
5. Pitch Perfect 2 – $5.97 million.

Did you see Jurassic World this weekend? What did you think of it? Let me know.


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