With Batman Arkham Knight, the highly anticipated last entry in the Rocksteady created Arkham series releasing next week. I decided that I would let you guys know 2 of my predictions of what will happen in the game.

My first prediction is that Superman will appear in the game. I suspect it will just be for one cut scene early on in the game where Batman is on a rMan of Steel 2ooftop or in the bat cave talking to Oracle or Alfred and Superman will fly down and ask Batman if he needs any help. Of course in Batman fashion he will tell Superman that he doesn’t need his help and to go away and Superman will fly away. This could possibly set-up a Superman or Justice League game, seeing as Rocksteady is done making Batman games, this is their finale, I assume that more Batman games will be coming from WB Montreal, the team who done Batman Arkham Origins but Rocksteady has to be doing something after Arkham Knight and you have to assume that DC wants to continue to collaborate with Rocksteady given the Arkham series critical and commercial success.

Before I get into my second prediction, I want to clear something up, today at Sony’s E3 press conference a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight dropped, which you can watch here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VUPN1ZkGfo ). SPOILERS FOR ARKHAM CITY FOLLOW. In the trailer you can see Joker getting cremated and even hear Gordon saying that he cremated the Joker personally, this rules out the popular opinion among fans that the Arkham Knight is the Joker. Not saying Joker won’t appear in the game, especially given the Scarecrow is the main villain along with the Arkham Knight and Batman would get some sort of fear toxin induced in him during the game, which will lead to him seeing the Joker in some capacity, whether it being his death haunting Batman cause he couldn’t save him or what the Joker was capable of doing when he was alive.

My second prediction is that the Arkham Knight is…………….. Thomas Wayne and I see this working two ways. The first way is that the Batman froBAK_Sshot077m earth 2, who is Thomas Wayne, somehow gets to earth prime whether it be by accident or not and sees earth primes Batman and feels as if he is the enemy or Thomas Wayne sees earth primes version of Gotham and feels like he needs to cure it. I think that this could be Earth 2 Thomas Wayne as he is that earths Batman and given that the Arkham Knight mimics Batman in his costume design, with the ears on the cowl and that they have said the Arkham Knight is a physical match to Batman and who could be more of a physical match to Batman then Batman? The second way is that when Thomas and Martha die, Raas takes Thomas’s body, puts it in the Lazarus Pit, it warps his mind and Raas keeps him hidden until he either lets him go or Thomas escapes, Thomas then seeks revenge on the city that killed him so he amasses an army to take over Gotham.

Are you going to play Arkham Knight? What are your predictions for the game? Let me know below

Batman Arkham Knight releases the 24th of June on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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