No surprises here, Jurassic World ruled the Australian box office this weekend pulling in $16.1 million dollars, becoming the third biggest opening weekend at the Aus box office, pushing Avengers: Age of Ultron’s $15.7 million haul that it made on it’s opening weekend down to fourth place. Jurassic World falls behind the final Harry Potter movie ($18.3 million) and The Twilight Saga ($16.1 million) which just beat out Jurassic World by a couple thousand dollars.

Everything else in theaters had trouble bringing in the money, with Jurassic World ruling the box office and with no competition for it, Entourage made $1.3 million. Spy made 1 million and San Andreas and Mad Max: Fury Road both made $700.000.

1. Jurassic World- $16.1 million.
2. Entourage- $1.3 million.
3. Spy- $1 million.
4. San Andreas- $0.7 million.
5. Mad Max: Fury Road- $0.7 million.


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