US Box Office Predictions for the weekend of 20/6/15-22/6/15

There is really only 1 big movie coming out this week, Pixars Inside out, which to many people is a return to form for Pixar and currently sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 70 reviews and an average review score of 9.1/10. This movie is being received extremely well and with no kids movies out I expect it to bring in the bucks.

But can it beat Jurassic World after a recording breaking weekend at the box office? I don’t think so, I expect Jurassic World to stay at number 1 just. I expect it to make at least $90 million this weekend, the film has been pretty well received and I’m sure people will be going out for 2nd or 3rd viewings. Although Inside Out won’t be to far behind, I expect it to make $70-80 million dollars. And then there is the rest, Spy should make $10 million. San Andreas should make $6 million and rounding out the top 5 Pitch Perfect 2 with a $5 million haul.

1. Jurassic World- $90 million.
2. Inside Out- $70-80 million.
3. Spy- $10 million.
4. San Andreas- $6 million.
5. Pitch Perfect 2- $5 million.

What are your predictions for the weekend? Let me know!


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