Even with strong competition from Pixar’s Inside Out, Jurassic World has taken the top spot again this weekend making an estimated $102 million. This brings its domestic total to  $398 million, adding to its impressive $981 million global total. It is sure to crack a billion on Monday and it will become the fastest film to hit $1 billion at the global box office beating out Furious 7. This also means that it will beat out The Avengers of being the fastest film to make $400 million at the US box office. Jurassic World is set to do it in 11 days where as the record is 14 days held by The Avengers.

Pixar’s Inside out made an estimated $91 million, beating projections that had it at $65 million for the weekend. Inside Out also became the second biggest weekend opening ever for Pixar with only Toy Story 3, which opened to $110.3 million beating it. Inside Out also managed to become the biggest opening ever for an original movie not based on existing source material, beating out Avatar’s $77 million.

Spy enjoyed another solid weekend at the box office making $10.4 million to take the third place. San Andreas shoke the box office for 4th place taking in $8.2 million and the new film Dope took in $6 million for fifth place.

1. Jurassic World- $102 million.
2. Inside Out- $91 million.
3. Spy- $10.4 million.
4. San Andreas- $8.2 million.
5. Dope- $6 million.

So how did my predictions go for the weekend? I got 4/5. I didn’t expect Jurassic World or Inside Out to do as well as they did, I was about $10 million behind on both but I got them in the right order. I was smack on with Spy making $10 million and I was right about San Andreas coming 4th. What I was wrong about was Dope cracking the top 5 making that much money, I wasn’t expecting this little film to beat out Pitch Perfect 2, but it did and now I didn’t get a 5/5, damn you dope.

What did you see at the movies this weekend? Let me know.


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