Jurassic World is once again atop the US box office this week for the 3rd weekend in a row bringing in an estimated $54.2 million. After this weekend Jurassic World will become the fifth highest grossing film of all time and become the fastest film to hit $500 million at the domestic box office.

Inside Out secured second place with an impressive $52.1 million this weekend. Ted 2 had a disappointing opening weekend only bringing in an estimated #32.9 million, well under industry projections of $40-50 million and Ted’s opening weekend back in 2012 when it bought in $54 million.

The other new release of the weekend, Max bought in $12.2 million and Spy bought in an estimated $7.8 million.

1. Jurassic World – $54.2 million.
2. Inside Out – $52.1 million.
3. Ted 2 – $32.9 million.
4. Max – $12.2 million.
5. Spy – $7.8 million.

Now how did I go with my predictions? Well I got 5/5 WOOOO. My prediction on Ted 2’s opening haul wasn’t exactly on point as I aswell as everyone else expected it to do much better but everything else was pretty much spot on.

What did you see this weekend?


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