With two big films releasing this weekend and holdovers Jurassic World and Inside Out still doing impressive numbers, the box office is as unpredictable as ever.

New films Magic Mike XXL and Terminator Genisys release this weekend, one a sequel to both critical and commercial success and the other, a big budget revival of an old franchise, so who will take the top spot? Magic Mike XXL will and here’s why, the Terminator franchise since Terminator 2 have each been trashed by critics and fans a like, so a lot of people will be weary about Genisys and with the film currently sitting at a rotten 26% with 112 reviews, Genisys doesn’t seem promising. And then there is the power of the ladies, with woman all over America wanting to see Channing Tatum and co strip once again Magic Mike is a shoe in for first bringing in most likely $40 million.

But is Terminator Genisys second? I think so, I don’t think it will have the big splash like the now revived Jurassic Park franchise did but it will just have enough in the tank to beat out holdovers Jurassic World and Inside Out, but only just, I see Genisys pulling in around $35 million. Then there is Jurassic World and Inside Out, both will take in around $30 million, but I see Jurassic World just edging out Inside Out. And in fifth is the teddy bear film Ted 2, I think it will make around $15 million for the weekend.

1. Magic Mike XXL- $40 million.
2. Terminator Genisys- $35 million.
3. Jurassic World- $30 million.
4. Inside Out- $30 million.
5. Ted 2- $15 million.

What are your predictions for the weekend? Let me know.


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