Batman Arkham Knight is the finale to the trilogy of Rocksteady developed Batman games and is one of my most anticipated games of 2015, so, did it meet my high expectations? Absolutely. Batman Arkham Knight is an incredible game, everything about the game is top-notch and although it has a few problems in executing some things the game still delivers in truck loads.

The game world is beautiful and vast. Never have we experienced such a dark and violent Gotham. From the graffiti on the walls to the smashed up houses to the beautiful skyline of Gotham the game delivers a visual treat. The animations are fluid, the character models are detailed and beautiful, especially Scarecrow and the voice work is top-notch. And although all of the citizens of Gotham have fled the game world still feels alive with rioters in the streets, to criminals driving around in stolen cars Rocksteady has crafted a Gotham that is alive even without its inhabits and with no load screens the game is seamless and helps immerse you in the experience.

To compensate for the massive open world Rocksteady has allowed players to drive the batmobile for the first time and its extremely fun to control but it is over used a lot. Driving the batmobile around Gotham is so much fun, whether you are just going from point A to point B or you’re chasing down a criminal its a thrill. The batmobile handles like it should, heavy yet agile. And then there is the combat mode for the batmobile, where at the press of a button it turns into a tank, you will mainly use this to fight the Arkham Knight’s unmanned tanks and drones, the combat is fun but is way over used, especially in the story. I don’t know what they were thinking, but almost every second mission requires you to use the bat mobile in combat and it just becomes repetitive and boring. They do use the bat mobile well however in terms of puzzles, having to use both Batman and the bat mobile to solve something is great and it makes it feels like another gadget on your Bat buckle.

The combat has been refined to perfection, the combat cannot get anymore perfect. With the added ability to attack enemies when they are down and new moves for Batman to perform keeping up your freeflow has become a lot more easier and a lot more fun. And with the added addition of teaming up with either Robin, Nightwing or Catwoman the combat becomes superhero beat’em up. They have also added a new takedown called the predator takedown, where you  can take down up to 5 enemies in a single blow, I was a little worried when this was first announced because I thought it might break the game by people exploiting how powerful it is but it fits right in and I only used it a handful or more times throughout my play through.

The story is incredible, I don’t want to touch on much because it is extremely good. Within the time it took me to beat the main story (around 10 hours) my jaw had hit the flaw more times than I could count, to me, these 3 Rocksteady made Batman games are the definitive Batman stories and are not to be missed. Although the story has a minor hiccup nearing the end it doesn’t hamper how incredible it was. The Arkham Knight is a menace and Scarecrow played a much bigger role then I thought he would.

In terms of bugs and glitches, the game is extremely polished, I encountered a few minor pop in issues but I really had to look for them and the frame rate rarely dipped. The trophy list is varied, it’s not as hard as previous Arkham games but if you want the platinum these trophies will definitely make you work for it. The game has a lot of content also, after you finish the main game you have a whole heap of side missions to do, AR challenges to test how good of a Batman you are and new game + if you want to experience the game all over again.

All in all Batman Arkham Knight is incredible, it sucks you in immediately with its story and combat and doesn’t let you go until the very end, even if there is a little too much bat mobile the game still succeeds at meeting every expectation.



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