Newcomers Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL failed to take the box office this weekend, instead holdovers ruled yet again. Jurassic World took the top spot for the fourth weekend in a row, taking in $30.9 million for the weekend, seems as though people still want to take a trip back to the park.

Inside Out came in at second with $30.1 million in its third weekend of release. Inside Out and Jurassic World are a monster of a duo and are continuing to dominate the US. In third was Terminator Genisys making $28.7 million, the lowest opening in 30 years for a Terminator film. On a brighter note the film has made $85.5 million internationally, the film is going to have to rely on the international box office for its success.

Magic Mike XXL came in fourth making only $12 million, way below projections, the woman were not out in force this weekend. And rounding out the top 5 is Ted 2 making $11 million, that’s a 67 percent drop from last week, Teddy’s are not in right now.

1. Jurassic World- $30.9 million.
2. Inside Out- $30.1 million.
3. Terminator Genisys- $28.7 million.
4. Magic Mike XXL- $12 million.
5. Ted 2- $11 million.

Now how was my predictions, terrible, I only got 1/5 :/. I didn’t expect Magic Mike XXL to do that bad, I thought that the woman would have been out in force but they weren’t. I also expected Terminator to do a little better than it did, at least enough to beat Jurassic World and Inside Out. I was spot on with Ted 2, so that’s a good thing right?

What did you see this weekend? Let me know.


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