Inside Out, the new Pixar film that tells the story of 5 emotions, Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust that are inside an 11 year olds mind, determining whether she is happy or sad or angry is a return to form for Pixar and is an extremely enjoyable film for all ages.

Let’s start with the animation, it is beautiful, some of the best animation I’ve seen, it’s just so beautiful to look at, with all different vibrant colors jumping out at you. It’s wonderfully directed by Pete Doctor, with some truly amazing shots.

The story is fantastic, as always in my reviews I don’t want to give much away but it is truly a wonderfully beautiful and heart warming story, I got teary eyed a couple of times watching the film. The emphasis on family and the importance of memories, whether they are sad or happy is so well executed. The story is so original and imaginative, it was great to see Hollywood branch out and do something that isn’t a sequel or based on existing material.

All of the emotions are great in the film but the main emotions they focus on are joy and sadness. The film is very funny with moments that both kids and adults can laugh at, especially with Anger, nearly everything he said had me in stitches. Although I feel the movie was a bit drawn out, it got slow in some parts of the story which took me out but once it started back up again I was fully involved.

All of the voice acting is top-notch, especially Lewis Black as Anger, but everyone from Amy Poehler to Bill Hader done a great job.

Pixar is back with Inside Out, crafting a touching film about family and your emotions that is accessible to all ages and is beautifully animated.


What did you think of Inside Out? Let me know.

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