Now this movie is one of my most anticipated movies of not only 2016 but probably ever, so did the trailer build my hype more? I cried, I shouted, I grinned till my mouth was soar, this trailer was AWESOME!

Let’s start off with the first minute or so of the trailer, it starts off with a senator played by Holly Hunter, blaming Superman for the events of Man of Steel, Superman flies down, looking epic and walks into the court. Then you see Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during the finale of Man of Steel, you see General Zod shoot his heat vision through the massive building and then the building falling down and Bruce Wayne running towards it, then it cuts to Bruce holding a child in the rubble. This sets up the beginning of the conflict between Batman and Superman.

Then we see some shots of Bruce training and him holding a newspaper with red writing over it saying ‘You let your family die’, this ties into later on in the trailer when we see a statue of a Robin statue with the writing in yellow along it saying ‘Haha jokes on you Batman’.The yellow writing is hinting at the Joker but is it also hinting that Joker has already killed Jason Todd? And the you ‘you let your family die’ writing on the newspaper is Red Hood?

Moving on in the trailer we have some scenes with Clark and Perry White, saying that nobody cares about Clark Kent vs Batman, then we have a scene with Lois and Superman, we see Superman save some people with an S on there roof in a flood. Then we cut to Superman with Martha Kent, Martha tells Clark that he doesn’t owe this world anything. Then we get some scenes with Lex who is with the senator from the start of the trailer and then we cut to Superman kneeling down to Lex, with him stroking his hand across his face. Is this Superman siding with Lex? Or does Lex have Kryptonite with him and Superman is feeling the effects of it? We then see General Zod’s body in a bag, we assume it is in Lexs control, this kind of backs up the rumors of General Zod’s body being the catalyst to creating Doomsday.

We then get a shot of Wonder Woman as Diana Prince and Bruce talking to Alfred. Then we see Superman with soldiers kneeling down around him, they all have the Superman symbol on there shoulders, they then cut to Batman revealing the Bat signal and turning it on in his mechanical suit, waiting for Superman. We then see a shot of someone under water and horses in the desert, then we see a mugger killing Bruce’s parents and them being buried. Then we see the Batwing flying across a ravaged piece of land.

Then they cut to Wonder Woman smashing her braces together and creating a massive explosion. We get Batman in the daytime in what looks like a desert fighting Superman’s force, he is wearing a suit similar to his gaslight Batman suit in these shots. Then we get some shots of the Batmobile blowing things up and Batman fighting thugs. We get a shot of Lex with kryptonite in a glass cabinet. Then a shot of Batman jumping on Superman kicking him down a window. Another shot of Wonder Woman comes up and then a shot of Superman flying with destruction around him shooting his heat vision at Batman who quickly uses his grapple to get out of the way. We then get Superman flying above a city and Batman jumping through a window, they cut to Lex who says ‘The red capes are coming, the red capes are coming’ most likely meaning that Superman’s forces are coming. Then the final shot of the trailer is Superman walking up to a crashed batmobile, Superman pulling the doors off and Batman standing up to Superman.

The trailer had epic music and it was visually stunning, as to be expected from a Zack Synder film. I did feel Wonder Woman just sorta appeared out of nowhere, with no real context but it was still awesome to see her in action. It looks like they are going for an Injustice Superman, which is cool but isn’t it a little to early to have a tyrant Superman? I mean they could be doing something different but this definitely has an Injustice feel to it with Superman’s forces and what not. Lex looks to be pulling all the strings, manipulating everyone which will be really awesome to see.

I loved this trailer so much, I can’t put it into words, I’ve watched it a dozen times already, 8 more months! But what are you doing? Check out the trailer below!

What did you think of the trailer? Let me know!


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