So we are a couple weeks out from the release of Fantastic Four and we have one last trailer to get us in the door and it is a hell of a trailer.

We get a little more of what the story is going to be about, I love how the government wants to use the Fantastic Four for their own gain, it’s a very realistic plot point and you can imagine a government wanting to use these guys. I really like the whole bit at the start with young Reed, it really shows that Reed isn’t just another smart guy but something special. I love the tone of the film, they really are distancing themselves from the previous Fantastic Four films which they had to do but it makes sense to have the film have this dark and serious tone.

I did notice that they changed some shots that were in previous trailers, like the lava being green instead of red, I love the colour change, it shows that this is from a different dimension. Doom looks incredibly badass, he looks so scary and I love the touches of green on his face, we are in for a treat with this incarnation of Doom.

You get a little more of a look of the Fantastic Four in action, with Thing smashing some things and Reed stretching which they have surprisingly been keeping under wraps. As well as Johnny and Sue Storm doing there thing. You also get a bit of humor which the other trailers have been lacking.

Colour me green and impressed, I have been in with this version of the Fantastic Four since the first trailer and I am incredibly excited for the film.

Watch the trailer below, are you excited for Fantastic Four? Let me know!


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