Inside Out has hit the top spot at the Australian box office this weekend, dethroning reigning champ Terminator: Genisys. Inside Out, in it’s third weekend of release down under taking in $4.3 million. Minions came in a close second with $4.2 million for the weekend. These numbers are fantastic for films that have been out for a couple of weeks, the school holidays have treated these films great. Inside Out only dropped 100K from last weekend and Minions only 300K.

In third was new release Magic Mike XXL, taking in an impressive $4.1 million down under, the woman came out in force and only got beaten by the kids. In fourth was the champ last weekend Terminator: Genisys which bought in $2.9 million for the weekend. Rounding out the top 5 was Jurassic World, still hanging around making $2.7 million.

1. Inside Out- $4.3 million.
2. Minions- $4.2 million.
3. Magic Mike XXL- $4.1 million.
4. Terminator Genisys- $2.9 million.
5. Jurassic World- $2.7 million.


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