DC has decided to release the Suicide Squad trailer which was meant to stay exclusive to people in Hall-H at comic-con but because of the many leaked copies of the trailer DC has released it, so what did I think of the trailer? I loved it!

Now we have to remember that they are still shooting the movie, so there is still a lot of the movie that hasn’t been shot.

I love the beginning with Amanda Waller pretty much letting the audience know that she is a badass and she runs the show, it really asserts her dominance and what role she will play. The first time you see Harley in the trailer she is hanging upside down in her cell, it’s a really awesome shot and it’s Harley all over.

There is a lot of slow walking in this trailer but it looks great in motion, Deadshot looks awesome and Will Smith looks to be doing the character justice. Killer Croc looks great, his face looks menacing although I still wish he was a big crocodile like he is in the comics.

There are a couple frames where there are thugs shooting guns with masks on, one of which is a batman one, I love this kind of reference. You also get a glimpse of the Joker walking down a hall in these frames. You also see a shot of Batman on the Jokers car which we have seen in the leaked set videos but is still awesome to see.

The shots of Harley in the film are great, she isn’t as full-blown Harley in these bits but you see glimpses of it, like her blowing up her bubble gum, pretending her bat is a gun and her licking a jail cell bar, Margot looks great as her but I wish her voice was a little more high-pitched.

The last shots of the trailer is the Joker, who is torturing someone, that someone being Harleen Quinzel. It looks like they are using the new 52 origin for Harley here which is The Joker turning her into Harley. He has a great line in the trailer where he goes ‘I’m not gunna kill ya, I’m just going to hurt ya, really, really bad’. It gave me chills, Leto looks and sounds incredible as The Joker and I can’t wait to see more of him.

All in all the Suicide Squad trailer is incredible for a film that is still shooting and I can’t wait to see and hear more. Now get back to making that movie!

Check out the trailer below, what did you think?


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