With Marvel’s biggest little man Ant-Man and a Trainwreck hitting theaters this weekend, the box office is sure to heat up.

Ant-Man, Marvels biggest risk yet hits theaters this weekend, I am super excited for the film and it looks great and with the name Marvel attached to it and leading man Paul Rudd people are sure to be running to theaters to see it, along with its respectable 75% on Rotten Tomatoes as of writing I see Ant-Man taking the top spot this weekend with around $80 million.

In second I see Minions, which will give Ant-Man a run for its money but won’t be able to beat it making around $60 million. I predict Trainwreck, which currently sits at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes to come in third taking in around $30 million. Inside Out will take fourth with $13 million and Jurassic World will round out the top 5 with $11 million.

1. Ant-Man- $80 million.
2. Minions- $60 million.
3. Trainwreck- $30 million.
4. Inside Out- $13 million.
5. Jurassic World- $11 million.

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