Marvels biggest risk yet has finally hit the big screen, 9 years after originally being announced, so can the little guy make a big impact? Absolutely.

Ant-Man is Marvel at it’s finest, the story is fantastic, it revolves around Scott Lang, a thief who is chosen by Hank Pym to take on the Ant-Man mantle to stop Darren Cross from unleashing chaos with his own version of the suit. The story very much focuses on the father daughter relationships of Scott and his daughter Cassie and Hank and his daughter Hope. It is a very beautiful story and the characters are well fleshed out. Yellow Jacket is a formidable villain and Corey Stoll gives a fine performance as Darren Cross. Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd are fantastic as always but Michael Pena steals the show, he is absolutely hilarious and Luis is a great character.

The movie is the funniest movie Marvel has released, I didn’t think a Marvel movie could be funnier than Guardians of the Galaxy but here we are. Most of the humor comes from Michael Pena’s Luis but the action scenes are also hilarious, seeing guys getting beaten up by a little guy and seeing a massive fight take place in a suitcase or a child’s bedroom is so funny to watch.

A big take away from the film for me was the matter of perspective that they give us, seeing Ant-Man go little and seeing the perspective of the world from his size is really awesome. Seeing every day things like a vacuum and feet from this tiny perspective is really scary and the film does a great job at giving you humor from this but also makes you think of how ants or spiders think of these everyday things.

The action scenes are insane, with a couple stand-out fights. It’s just awesome to see Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket shrink down and fight then go back to normal size and back to tiny, it looks great. The scenes where Scott is with the ants are visually stunning, the movie makes ants cool, seeing them work together to help Ant-Man is a treat to watch.

Although the movie isn’t perfect, the film starts out a little slow trying to set-up things, it just took a little bit to long to get that stuff out of the way but once it was out of the way the film really shined.

The score was good but not that memorable. The references to other Marvel movies are subtle and awesome and the movie ties into the greater Marvel Universe perfectly, it pushes the MCU forward in a big way. The film does have 2 end credit scenes and they are both awesome, so make sure to stay behind.

All in all even though Ant-Man starts out slow, it doesn’t hinder the film at all, the story is great, the actions scenes are incredible and the film is hilarious. Ant-Man is just so much fun and one of Marvels best films.


Have you seen Ant-Man? What did you think? Let me know!


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