As a big fan of the book by John Green, can the movie live up to the book? For the most part yes.

Paper Towns is the story of a guy named Q, who is a couple weeks out from finishing high school, who has loved this girl named Margo for years, they are in different social groups and don’t talk at all but that is until one night, when Margo comes to Q to do a list of 9 things, they bond and connect and then the next day Margo is gone, but she leaves clues behind for Q to find her.

To start off the movie stays mostly faithful to the book, they keep to the core story which is great and is well told within the movie, they change some things surrounding the story from the book but the spirit is still there. Some of the things they add that aren’t in the book work well for the most part, but it’s still weird seeing it happen differently from the book.

Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne give great performances as Q and Margo. Cara really plays the mystery girl well and Nat plays the awkward but kind of cute Q to perfection. The supporting cast and directing are great. The tone of the movie stays consistent throughout and the humor doesn’t feel out of place.

I found myself pointing out parts of the book in some scenes that were shot for shot what I thought of in my head, which I thought was awesome. The movie is emotional, it’s nothing on the level of The Fault in our Stars or whatever you kids watch but it still pulls at the heart-strings and nearly bought a tear to my eye. After watching the film I found myself contemplating my own life and how I should live it, the film stays with you and that’s important.

Paper Towns is a great movie, that sticks to the story and stays mostly faithful to the best-selling novel.


Are you going to check out Paper Towns?


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