Ant-Man topped the US box office this weekend, dethroning last weeks champ Minions making an estimated $58 million. This is just below industry expectations of $60 million. It is worth noting that this is Marvels lowest domestic opening since The Incredible Hulk but you also have to take into account that Ant-Man is a more unknown property and a harder one to market to the masses. But it’s not all doom and gloom $58 million is a great opening nonetheless and the film should have legs given the positive reception the film has received.

In second was Minions, making an estimated $50.4 million this weekend. Quite a bit of a drop off from last week thanks in part to Ant-Man. In third was new release Trainwreck, which took in higher than expected and made $30.2 million this weekend, propelling Amy Schumer to stardom. In fourth and fifth were the dynamic duo of Inside Out and Jurassic World, making $11.7 and $11.4 million respectively. Jurassic World also crossed the $600 million domestic mark this week, making it only the fourth film to do it.

1. Ant-Man- $58 million.
2. Minions- $50.4 million.
3. Trainwreck- $30.2 million.
4. Inside Out- $11.7 million.
5. Jurassic World- $11.4 million.

So how did I go in my predictions? I was spot on with the top 3, although I expected Ant-Man to exceed expectations. I was wrong with Inside Out and Jurassic World, it’s so close its hard to tell what’s going to come where but I can live with a 3/5.

What did you see this weekend? Let me know.


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