With a couple big new films releasing this weekend and holdovers still making bank, the box office is going to be a close one this weekend.

I see Ant-Man taking the top spot in its second weekend of release, with great buzz from both critics and the audience, people who were on the fence will definitely be checking it out. I see Ant-Man taking in around $28 million.

In second it will be Minions, coming in super close to Ant-Man but ultimately will lose to it making $27 million.

Now the new releases, which there are 3 big ones this weekend with Southpaw, Pixels and Paper Towns.

In third I see Pixels the Adam Sandler lead video game movie will take third with $24 million. Even though the film is getting horrible reviews a lot of people will follow Sandler blindly so the film should do good.

In fourth is Paper Towns making $22 million, the teens will be out in force for this movie, based on the John Green book. The movie won’t make nearly as much as fellow John Green book turned movie Fault in our Stars but the film will still make a lot of money, especially given the film only cost $12 million to make.

Rounding out the top 5 will be Southpaw, the boxing film led by Jake Gyllenhaal will take in around $20 million.

1. Ant-Man- $28 million.
2. Minions- $27 million.
3. Pixels- $24 million.
4. Paper Towns- $22 million.
5. Southpaw- $20 million.


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