In celebration of the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation this coming week, I decided to review the last entry in the franchise Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and in short, I loved it.

The movie, starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, directed by Brad Bird was originally released in 2011 and the basic story is Ethan Hunt is tasked with stopping Russians from starting a nuclear war. The story was pretty good, it isn’t something deep but it does the job, besides you don’t come into these films expecting an amazing story anyways. Although I did enjoy the way they tie together Renner and Cruises characters, the payoff was awesome.

The action scenes were incredible, they’re a lot of them in the film, but they all feel different and fresh, thanks to the globetrotting that goes on within the film you are never in the one place for to long. The action is tight and extremely well choreographed and directed, Brad Bird done a great job of directing these scenes, you know whats happening, you know who is fighting who and it just works. They’re a ton of awesome gadgets that they use in the film, which are inventive and unique. But the big takeaway from this is knowing that Tom Cruise done all of his action scenes himself, he really dedicates himself to his work and you sit in awe knowing he done all of these things in real life. I mean, the dude scaled one of the biggest buildings in the world, crazy.

All of the acting was top-notch, the cgi was really well done and the score was fantastic.

I love Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the film has incredible action, great acting and a good story. Let’s hope Rogue Nation can top this.



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