Marvel’s Ant-Man has topped the box office for the second weekend in a row taking in an estimated $24.7 million. This brings Ant-Mans 2 week total to $106 million, a good number for Marvel given the character is hard to market and lesser known outside of the comic book fans.

In second was Pixels, the Adam Sandler comedy about video game characters coming down to earth to kill the human race glitched out with an estimated $24 million debut. The film cost Sony $88 million to make so Sony will be relying on international markets to turn a profit.

In third was Minions making an estimatedĀ $22.1 million in its third weekend of release, bringing its domestic total to $261.6 million. In fourth was Trainwreck which made an estimated $17.3 million in its second weekend of release. Rounding out the top 5 was Southpaw, exceeding expecations and making an estimated $16.5 million.

It is worth noting that other new wide release Paper Towns made an estimated 12.5 million this weekend.

1. Ant-Man- $24.7 million.
2. Pixels- $24 million.
3. Minions- $22.1 million.
4. Trainwreck- $17.3 million.
5. Southpaw- $16.5 million.

How did I go with my prediction? Bad, I only got 2/5 :(. I had Southpaw and Ant-Man right but had the middle 3 jumbled up. I thought Minions would be strong enough to beat Pixels and it nearly was. In fourth I had Paper Towns making much more than it did, I thought it would take a lot of Trainwreck’s market but it seems people wanted to see Trainwreck more.

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