How a 2 second shot in Ant-Man can mean big things moving forward in the MCU!

Before I get started, there will be spoilers for Ant-Man so if you haven’t seen it what are you doing? Go watch it, it’s great.

So on the weekend I was watching Ant-Man for a second time and I noticed a blink and you miss it scene where while Hank and Darren are fighting, Mitchell Carson, who works for Hydra picks up the Yellow Jacket formula and takes it. Now on the outside it doesn’t seem like much, he doesn’t have the suit or anything but with that formula and Hydras resources he could create an army like Ant-Man, which spells danger for the MCU.

Now if anything will come of it who knows but you have to assume it will otherwise Marvel wouldn’t have put it in there, we know Hank and Mitchell have a history, so could this be a part of Ant-Man 2? Or will it be a problem that will be dealt with immediately? We know that Baron Zemo, who works for Hydra is in Civil War as well as Ant-Man himself, so could Ant-Man have a subplot of getting back the formula from Hydra? And this is why he is in Civil War, helping Cap or Stark so that they will in turn help him get the formula back? It’s possible, but I doubt it, Civil War is stacked enough. So then where could this take place if not Civil War? Ant-Man 2 is most likely if it happens but that is such a ways off to have that be it, could they deal with it Infinity War? Perhaps Part 1 while Thanos is gathering the stones? Who knows.

Another possibility is if Agents of SHIELD deals with it, they could track them down, especially with Ward now head of Hydra and him most likely being the buyer of the suit, could this upcoming season of Agents of SHIELD deal with the fallout of Ant-Man? I think this is definitely possible and it would be a good way of tying Ant-Man to Agents of SHIELD.

But whatever the case, whether they deal with it in Agents of SHIELD or Infinity War. Ant-Man creates many different paths the MCU can go down and I can’t wait to find out how it all plays it out.

Where do you think Mitchell Carson and the YellowJacket formula will rear its head in the MCU? Let me know!

You can check out my review of Ant-Man below!


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