The fifth film in the Tom Cruise led Mission: Impossible franchise has hit. So did it blow me away like Ghost Protocol did? In short no.

Let’s start with the action, it’s good, I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t match its predecessor in action. While the action is a little more contained and not blow out like Ghost Protocol it’s just not as good and that disappointed me. I was expecting them to come out and try at least match the action in Ghost Protocol but it doesn’t, now the action is still better than most  films but for Mission: Impossible standards it wasn’t.  It’s still crazy to know that Tom Cruise done all these stunts himself, he really dedicates himself to his movies and I respect him a lot for it.

The story was surprisingly the thing that stood out to me, it was great, it caught me off guard with how good the story was in the movie, as the Mission: Impossible stories to me have been good but not great. Christopher McQuarrie does a good job at pacing the movie and keeping a continual tone throughout. The villain was well written and a great match to Cruises Ethan Hunt, he is really mysterious and scary and feels like a formidable force to the IMF.

The acting was as always great, the usual suspects deliver, Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg etc and newcomers like Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Fergusson add a lot to the film as well. The directing was also top-notch, with some nice shots, especially in the action scenes, you know whats going on and there are some great and unique shots throughout.

Although I enjoyed the film and thought the story was great Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation wasn’t what I expected it to be, I wanted it to blow me away like Ghost Protocol did but Rogue Nation failed to do that. I still recommend the film, I had a fun time with it but don’t go expecting a Ghost Protocol 2, cause it isn’t.


Are you checking out Rogue Nation? Let me know below!

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