With the release of Fantastic Four this coming week I’ve decided to address all of the horrible hate the film has received. Now before I start I am a comic book fan and consider myself apart of the community, so these are thoughts from the inside. This needs to stop.

The film has pretty much coped hate from the get go despite the cast being really talented and having Josh Trank, a really great director on board. Most of it has been on the race change of Johnny Storm, a character who is white in the comics but they have made black for the movie. This is the stem of the hate and that is what pretty much made people’s minds up that it was going to be bad and since then hated everything that has come out. It’s honestly ridiculous that they whinge about something so minor as a colour change of a character, what they need to understand is that as long as they stick to the  core of who Johnny Storm is and stay true to his character then the fans shouldn’t hate over a colour change. Granted we haven’t seen the film so we can’t say if they have stayed true to Johnny Storm but from the bits I’ve seen in trailers, clips and TV spots they have stayed true to the character. The same can be said for Doom, who coped hate for being hacker. Does it really matter if he is a hacker? As long as in the end they stayed true to Doom then it shouldn’t matter.

What the haters need to realise is that no movie stays true to the comics, they have to path off and etch their own version of the property, it’s what DC is doing, it’s what Marvel is doing, the people that makes these films are creators and they want to create and give their take on that property and that’s exactly what Josh Trank and co are doing and I hope it works out well for them.

In short the hate needs to stop, you haven’t seen the film, you don’t know the directors creative vision, so judge when you see the film, this is almost identical to the hate on Ben Affleck as Batman but that has died down considerably since they have seen more of him as Batman (FYI I called Affleck being an amazing Batman from day 1). I’m incredibly excited for Fantastic Four and I can’t wait to see it, watch out for my review on Thursday at some point.

Fantastic Four opens August 6th.


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