Fantastic Four is a property with so much potential to be a great film, it’s to bad this movie isn’t that.

The story was pretty good for the first half, they spend a lot of time setting up these characters without their powers and you do feel for them. When they get their powers they do a good job of showing these characters struggle with their powers, it’s really horrifying to see them scream for help and it makes having super powers seem not so cool. But they don’t focus on it enough, they do a really weird time jump which jumps over all of the interesting stuff with these characters, like them coming to terms with what they are and learning how to use their powers, they just skip over it and straight to them knowing how to use all their powers. The final battle doesn’t fit either, the film is very contained and small up until that point and then it gets blown out. I just wish the 3rd act was as good as the first 2 acts. I don’t think Doom was a good fit for the movie either, he was incredibly scary and powerful and they portrayed him well but they should have chosen a villain a little smaller and without motives of ‘I want to destroy the world’.

The action in the film is good, it’s mostly saved to the final battle, but its nothing ground breaking or special its nothing we haven’t seen before. The cast is great in the film, they are all charming and likable and really help put a bright spot on the bad moments. Josh Trank does an ok job of directing, he has some nice shots in the film but he has a hard time of keeping a consistent tone, especially in the third act.┬áHe exhibits the teams powers well although seeing Mr Fantastic stretch for the first time was quite gross.

But hey atleast it’s not all doom and gloom, at least it is better than the last 2 Fantastic Four films.


Are you going to checkout Fantastic Four? Let me know below!


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