Some B-roll footage has dropped from the reboot of Fantastic Four and with it comes many deleted scenes.

The B-roll footage shows that this film had some great stuff cut, such as the Fantasticar and the team actually working together. This definitely shows that Trank had something great here and Fox came in and destroyed the movie. If you haven’t been caught up with the controversy Josh Trank the director of the film wrote on twitter that a year ago he had a great Fantastic Four script that would have got great reviews, implying that Fox came in and mucked it up. Aswell as that there has been reports that Fox cut three big action scenes from the film just days before shooting, which would have meant they had to rewrite the script while shooting. On top of that apparently Fox hijacked the editing bay from Trank to create the third act of the film, which is where the film is at its worse and that when they had reshoots they done them without Trank.

But that’s one side of the story, the other side is that Trank would show up to the set drunk and high and sometimes wouldn’t even show up on set at all. Plus his dogs ruined a house where he was staying to shoot the film. But this is all rumors but damn is it messy.

I hope Fox releases a Fantastic Four directors cut and lets Trank put his film out there but I doubt it.

What are your thoughts on the chaos? Did you like the B-Roll footage? Do you want to see a directors cut? Let me know!

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