Justice League: Gods and Monsters is an else world DC animated movie directed by Sam Liu and produced by Bruce Timm. So how does it hold up next to the great DC animated movies? Well, it’s one of the best!

Let’s start off with the animation. Fans of Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series will immediately fall in love with the animation in Gods and Monsters as it is very similar to these. The movements are smooth and the action scenes look great. The way they show emotion in the characters faces are really well done, this is some of the best animation I have seen.

The story is fantastic, I loved how they chose to do an else world story, it allowed the writers free-reign on what they wanted to do. While the film is called Justice League only the main trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman feature. I loved how different they made these characters, with Batman being a completely different person in Kurt and Superman being raised by Mexicans these were all nice touches and made these decades old characters feel new. The story has brilliant pacing and is a lot more character driven which I loved. The writing is mature and thoughtful and you can really tell that their target audience was adults.

I do think the overall villain was a bit meh and could have been someone a little better but it doesn’t detract from the overall film to much. I will say however that the film is very brutal with lots of blood and violence, not nothing that your child probably hasn’t already seen but still thought I should put that disclaimer up. There are also some great DC character cameos in the film which were great to see.

Justice League Gods and Monsters is a fantastic original DC animated movie with a brilliant story and beautiful animation.


Have you seen Justice League: Gods and Monsters? What did you think? Let me know below!


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