In celebration of Avengers: Age of Ultrons release on blu-ray this week, lets revisit my favourite film of the year so far.

This is my fifth time watching Age of Ultron (4 in cinema, once on blu-ray) and I’m still not bored of it, in fact I enjoy it more and more every time I watch it.

The story is great, Whedon manages to weave a great cohesive story and make all of the sub plots work. Ultron is a formidable villain although he isn’t what the trailers sold him as. He isn’t as menacing as I wanted him to be but he is still very scary in his own way. The film features a lot of humour which both hurts and benefits the film. Where it hurts is with Ultron, he makes to many jokes and it makes him come off kind of jokey but there is enough menacing Ultron to buffer that out. The humour also hurts in fights, I don’t mind a couple jokes in the fights but when the world is on the brink of destruction and they are joking it lowers the stakes. I don’t mind the jokes, they are great and funny but Whedon should have cut a couple of them just to keep the stakes high.

The visuals in the film are beautiful. Unlike the first Avengers, Age of Ultron spans the world bouncing from place to place which portrays the Avengers as an international team. Some of the great visuals comes in the fights, with the team working together more than they did in the first Avengers. It is incredible seeing Cap and Thor work together and I couldn’t help but giggle seeing all of the Avengers in a heroic slow motion pose in the heat of battle.

Something that Whedon has hit perfectly is the witty banter between the team. Seeing them all joke about each other and work together is like pulling a comic book out and blowing it up on-screen. Whether it be banter between Quicksilver and Hawkeye or Cap and Stark Whedon hits everything perfectly.

The newcomers to this Avengers film are all fantastic. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are great and add a lot of back story and emotion to the film, I love how they are both just confused kids not knowing what side they should be on. But the real winner of the newcomers is Vision, he steals the film for me, he doesn’t come on until the very end of the second act but when he does he changes the game.

In terms of the overall impact of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s pretty big. The story and what happens in it is sure to have an impact going on into Civil War and Infinity War. Although there wasn’t enough set-up in terms of tension between Cap and Iron Man for me, I wanted to see them butt heads more but that didn’t happen.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a fantastic film that captures the essence of the comic books that these characters belong to perfectly.



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