With The Martian enjoying one of the best October openings last weekend, the box office is sure to continue this hot streak.

In first will be The Martian, after a great first weekend the film should enjoy a great second weekend making $33 million. The film has fantastic buzz so it shouldn’t drop too much.

In second will be Hotel Transylvania 2, continuing to dominate with the kids making $19 million in its third weekend.

In third will be Pan, making a meager $18 million. The film has bad buzz from critics and people don’t seem to be to excited for the film. It has had mediocre returns in the markets that it has opened in and that should be the same in the US.

In fourth will be The Walk, expanding nationwide after a limited IMAX run last weekend. The film should make around $10 million.

And rounding out the top 5 will be Sicario, making $7 million.

  1. The Martian- $33 million.
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2- $19 million.
  3. Pan- $18 million.
  4. The Walk- $10 million.
  5. Sicario- $7 million.

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