May and Ward make their first appearance this season in one of the best episode of this series.

Full spoilers follow!

This episode really hit a groove with me and I loved every bit of it. Lets start with Ward, who is rebuilding Hydra and was out looking for funds to do so. He kidnaps a kid who we later find out to be Baron Von Struckers son after he kills one of Wards men. This was out of left field and really cool, with the pairing of Baron Von Struckers son and Ward Hydra are looking to be as scary as ever. They end on Struckers son joining Andrew Garners class, this can’t be good.

Tying into this is May, who is back and looking after her father after a car crash. She wants to go out and live a normal life without SHIELD but then Hunter comes crashing into her life. Hunter who as we learned last week is out on a mission to kill Ward. We learn more about how he is going to do that when he tries to get May on board. She initially declines but later joins him. It was really cool to see May in this state, she wasn’t stern and up beat and she was more laid back and it was a nice change of pace.

Daisy plays a pretty big role in both of the subplots she is involved in. Early on in the episode she is trying to get Joe, who was the Inhuman from last episode cleared to join the Secret Warriors team she is trying to assemble but Andrew says otherwise. She is becoming a leader and learning the ropes with her is awesome.

Now the big plot of this episode was with Fitz and Coulson. The episode starts right where we finish with Fitz at the¬†monolisk. They find out that Jemma is on another planet and enlist the help of an Asgardian who has been on earth for centuries. This leads them to an old English mansion where they find a room where they are able to open the monolisk at will. Of course the first time they do this doesn’t end well and they break the machine. But with Daisies powers they are able to reopen the monolisk and Fitz jumps in to save Jemma. This was really heart pumping stuff, especially when Fitz and Jemma come face to face. They grab onto each other as the team pulls Fitz out but your never really sure if they are going to be able to get her out, it was really emotional and incredibly well done. They manage to get Jemma out and all is good.

It was really out of nowhere to see Jemma get saved so early on in the season, I wasn’t expecting to see her out of the monolisk for a long time. Fitz is continuing to be an awesome character this season and is by far the best bit of Agents of SHIELD right now.

All in all this was an incredible episode full of thrills and surprises.



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