The Flash returned this week for its second season after its cliffhanger ending to season 1.


It picks up 6 months after the singularity with team Flash disbanded and Barry lone wolfing as The Flash. This episode is really about bringing the team back together. ¬†When it starts up you don’t really know why they aren’t together, as at the end of season 1 they were but you find out through flashbacks, which I really liked. I liked how it didn’t pick up straight where we left off. We find out that the reason they are disbanded is because Ronnie died shutting the singularity and Barry doesn’t want anymore of his friends to die. This really came out of nowhere and I like how it shaked things up.

Barry isn’t in a good state and still feels like he is responsible for it. He blames himself and pushes everyone away. The villain that brings the team back together is Atom Smasher, he was a serviceable villain and isn’t really fleshed out, as mostly all villains aren’t on these superhero shows. The CGI for Atom Smasher was really hit or miss, some of it was ok and some of it was bad but on a TV budget that is just what to expect. The way they take Atom Smasher down I really enjoyed though, it was something smart and not just punching him a lot. He hints that he isn’t of this world and is from somewhere else, which I’m sure will be a big point for the season. What he did do though was name drop a big villain who will likely have recurring role in the future Zoom, who tasked Atom Smasher to kill Barry.

The other big thing of this episode was that Harrison Wells confessed to killing Barry’s mother and in turn got his father out of prison. This was really emotional and an awesome moment but that feeling doesn’t last long as Barry’s dad leaves because he doesn’t want to stop Barry’s growth into being The Flash.

And a staple of this series the big reveal ending was awesome, with the team back together plus Martin Stein in Star Labs when out of the shadows comes Jay Garrick, saying that our world is in danger. He wasn’t in his costume or anything but it was really exciting to see him and I can’t wait for the next episode.

All in all The Flash came back strong in its second season premiere with lots of surprises.



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