Arrow returned for its fourth season tonight with a lighter tone.


Lets start with Oliver and Felicity. After them getting together and driving into the sunset at the end of season 3 it was great to see them together and living a normal life. They are both happy and it really is satisfying to see them together after being teased for so long.

But them being together happy doesn’t last long as the team led by Diggle pulls them back into the superhero team. Seeing Diggle have a big role so far was really awesome to see because he has been shafted into the background quite a lot in previous seasons. Thea and Laurel don’t have to big of a role but something with Thea does get teased.

Seeing Oliver come to terms with coming back into this life was also great. Being scolded by Diggle who isn’t a fan of Oliver after what he did to him and his family in season 3. It’s painful to see them not close and like this but it makes sense and benefited the episode. Also hearing Oliver finally say he is the Green Arrow on-screen was incredibly satisfying, this episode was really about satisfying everyone.

Captain Lance also gave Oliver a lecture but he had a twist that takes him out of his normal routine. He is revealed to be working for Damian Dark who is the main baddie of this season, it seems as though he is being forced to work for him and with the revelation of Damian wanting Lance to tell him everything about the Green Arrow is a big point. Will he give up Oliver and risk his daughters life???

As with The Flash, Arrow has its big teaser at the end of an episode and this jumps us 6 months in time with Oliver mourning someone’s death. He seems shaken up and vows to kill Dark to Barry, who missed the funeral due to Zoom. This could really be anyone, my first thought was Felicity but it would also make sense for it to be Diggle or Thea. This is a big thing to keep in mind for the coming months as the season of Arrow progresses.

Arrow came back strong with its new tone and delivered on every level.



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