The Walking Dead returned for its sixth season tonight to mixed feelings from myself.


The episode is really in two parts, one part for flashbacks and the other for present day. Lets start with the flashbacks which for me fell flat. Some of the scenes were well done, like the fallout of the ending to season 5 and some of the more quiet moments. I especially loved the scenes with Rick and Morgan, it was great to have Morgan back as he is an awesome character. The scene in particular was with Morgan holding Judith whilst talking about who Rick is.

Although there were some flat moments, such as the preparation for the present day happenings. They just weren’t particularly interesting and it felt as if the episode would have flowed better if they just left out the flashbacks and had them happen in present day. Plus the decision to have all the flashbacks black and white was the wrong choice, neglecting all the vibrant colours for most of the episode was really silly and pulled me out of the episode.

The present day stuff was great though. With Rick and the crew trying to get a massive herd of walkers away from Alexandria that had been built up there since the start. The amount of walkers on screen was crazy and the way they manage to herd them all together and keep them on track was cool. But as with anything in The Walking Dead it doesn’t go as planned with the walkers being lured to Alexandria by a horn coming from there, which is where the episode ends.

I felt the episode was a little over long, they could have easily made this flow in a normal episode time but just decided to blow it out to be longer for more ad revenue. It was just a silly decision and not the first when it comes to extending episodes with The Walking Dead.

A lot of the supporting players don’t get much spotlight which was a bit of a bummer but all the focus on Morgan telling Rick that who he is now isn’t who he is was great and worth short sticking a couple characters.

The Walking Dead returned to mixed feelings from myself but it still scratched my zombie killing itch.



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