This week on The Flash featured two speedsters and a sand demon!


Let’s start with the obvious point of this episode, Jay Garrick, a Flash from the comics appeared in this episode. Though it wasn’t in his full glory, he had no powers but it was still awesome as a comic fan to see it. He was a really cool character and seeing him suit up and work with Barry to defeat sand demon was awesome, even if he was de-powered.

Jay gave us more information on Zoom and some background on himself whilst also teaching Barry an awesome new move. Sand Demon was a pretty good villain, he was a little more developed then Atom Smasher but still nothing special. Seeing Barry shoot lightning from his fist was the highlight of the episode though, just awesome.

We got some more stuff involving Cisco and his vibes which was cool to see. He seems very scared of these powers and he is trying to hide it from the team which won’t end well. There was also a lot of talk about the multiverse and different earths. Hearing earth-2 being mentioned in a live action DC property is just awesome.

We got introduced to a new character with Patty Sinvot. At the beginning she comes off as The Flashes answer to Felicity but she quickly develops and becomes interesting and not what I expected ┬áby the end. Barry and Patty have some really awesome interactions as well. Joe got an unexpected visit by Iris’s mother, which was unexpected. Not sure how it is going to go over.

We had 2 stingers at the end of the Flash this week with the first being Martin Stein collapsing, possibly because he has found another person to bond with and become Firestorm after Ronnie’s death. And the second was on another earth having Harrison Wells show up, being hailed as the man who saved the city and saying hey to the kids in a creepy voice. I’m still not sure how he is going to tie into whats happening but it was awesome seeing him.

The Flash continued its forward momentum this week with a great episode.



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