Felicity and Oliver re accustomed to life in Star City in the newest episode of Arrow!


The tone of this episode was great, I’m loving how as each episode goes it is getting lighter and lighter. It lets us adjust to the change in a nice way and whilst there are still dark elements they are being phased more and more out. It’s just awesome to see Oliver crack a smile and make little jokes, it’s just refreshing to see and breathes new life into this series.

A friend of Olivers and Theas decides to run for mayor to not so great results. This was the main conflict of the episode and it was really good. The villain was actually good and had some great comedic moments. He went out on fire which was brutal but the ending sets him up to become Anarky, we will likely see him later on in the season. He also helped pave the way for Damian Dahrk to reappear, who is just such a strong character so far and he is shaping up to be one of the best Arrow villains.

Diggle doesn’t have much to do this episode, he is sort of background character again but there wasn’t much there for him to work with. Thea who we saw last week was beginning to feel the side effects of being put in the Lazarus Pit and Oli and her have a really great and intense scene together. I’m glad that they are going this route with her because its fascinating.

Felicity comes back to Palmer technologies and had to fire some people. She finds a way to get them out of it thanks to the help of Mr Terrfic who makes his debut this week. He seems pretty cool so far and him and Felicity have great chemistry.

There were a couple big decisions made in the¬†closing minutes of this Arrow episode with Oliver deciding to run for mayor, which will be interesting and Thea and Laurel lying to Oliver and Diggle and going to Nanda Parbat to try fix Thea and bring Sara back to life. This is the platform that will bring Constantine into this series in a couple of episodes which I’m super excited for.

Arrow had another great episode this week full of great fight scenes and teases for the future of the season.


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