Telltale games latest game is out and it is a great start to a promising series!

Seeing as story is everything with Telltale games, I don’t want to delve into the story too much but it gets off to a good start. This is something new for Telltale, normally they will create a story in a series that already has a strong story to it, such as The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. But Minecraft is different, it’s an existing IP but it features no story, so this is Telltales way to create a story where no stories have been told before.

Although it is only episode 1, I feel as if I made a lot of important decisions that will affect how the game turns out. All of the characters are well voice acted and developed. They are all interesting and different. My favourite is a pig named Reuban, his so cute. It’s very funny to, which I was really happy to see, it doesn’t take itself serious and I laughed out loud a lot during my play through.

This is one of the best looking games Telltale has made. It just pops and looks really good. It improves upon what Minecraft looks like which is hard to do because there isn’t much you can do with that. They do a good job of bringing together elements from Minecraft, such as the crafting system. I’m glad they found good ways to bring these in without over saturating the game with it. They also implement the building parts great to, with smart quick time events, it’s all just very clever.

The game runs as well as you would expect a Telltale game to run. Not great, but not bad either. Some of the voice wasn’t synced and some FPS drops and texture pops happened whilst playing but it runs well enough. The trophy list is simple and what you would expect for a Telltale game to.

Minecraft: Story Mode- The Order of The Stone is a promising start to a promising series.



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