The Walking Dead focused on the characters back at Alexandria during the premieres events.


This episode was much better then the premiere, everything just worked, the pacing was perfect and the action was fantastic. This felt like a premiere or finale type episode, it makes me incredibly excited for what is to come.¬†Normally when The Walking Dead doesn’t feature its main players the episodes tend to be bad but this is the exception, it was just great.

It was so great to see Carol back in action and doing what made her a crowd favourite, she kills a lot of people and it was such a joy to watch, by the end she seems shaken but what she has done and I don’t blame her.

Morgan played a more prominent role and is really coming into his own. His like The Walking Deads Batman or at least until the end. From what I could tell, he has some sort of connection with the wolves, something he doesn’t want the rest of the group to know about.

Carl also got in on the action a killed a dude, although I’m still not 100% where they are going with him.

JSS delivered strong episode after a disappointing premiere.



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