The long-awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped and it made the wait worth while.

The trailer really doesn’t give us anymore of an idea of what is happening in the movie, which I loved, we don’t need to know anything, keep it a surprise.

Rey has a big part in the trailer, she features quite a lot. There is some amazing imagery with her, like the start of the trailer, JJ’s direction is incredible. She seems to be just an ordinary junker swept up in this amazing adventure which is one of the reasons why Star Wars is so amazing, ordinary people can be swept up and save the galaxy.

We get more of an idea of Finn and see what seems to be him falling down to Jakku, where we see him pop up in storm trooper outfit in the first teaser.We also see a little more of him with Rey and Han aswell as a little more of him lighting the lightsaber and fighting Kylo Ren.

Speaking of Kylo Ren, he was the big takeaway from the trailer, all of the scenes we see him in are beautiful and he is by far the thing I am most excited about for The Force Awakens. We learn that he is trying to finish what Vader started. Also with him is our only look at Poe in the trailer, he seems to be getting tortured by Ren.

There are also many scenes with firefights both on the ground and in the air, they all look incredible and seeing the Millennium Falcon hyper drive and fly around brings back so many good memories.

There was no sign of Luke in the trailer, which pretty much confirms that he will be saved for the movie, I’m really curious to find out what is going on with him. We also get our first look at Leia with Han, man memories again.

We also get a better look at the scope of the film, with many different looks at planets, from the desert, to a green forest, to a snowy forest, to ruins and to space. The film will definitely be giving us a wide range of different locales.

The Force Awakens trailer lived up to the hype and made me even more excited for the return of Star Wars, even though I thought I couldn’t get anymore excited.


But why are you still reading? Watch the trailer yourself!


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