This weeks Flash delved into the Snart family and Iris’s mother!


The Snart plot was fantastic, delving into why the Snarts are the Snarts. It was really heartbreaking to see how bad they had it and why they are who they are. They also had some of the best interactions between the characters in the episode, both Cisco and Lisa flirting was great to see return as well as the always entertaining pairing of Barry and Captain Cold. This also featured a really interesting bit with Barry going undercover and working with the bad guys to save time for Cisco and Lisa back at Star Labs. They also tease Cold becoming a hero of sorts, with Barry saying that he has good in him, setting up Legends of Tomorrow a little bit for him.

The Iris’s mother sub plot was good but I felt like it slowed the episode down just a bit. It wasn’t bad but only one scene of the many hit me where it hurts when Joe tells Iris about her mother. It was incredibly heartbreaking and impactful and was so well acted. I’m interested to see where this story goes despite it slowing down this episode.

Jay Garrick is still around and fixed the portal in Star Labs so that he can go back home. But the team persuaded him to stay, led by Caitlyn, who seems rather fond of Jay. It’s still great to see him around and he adds a lot to the show.

Barry and Patty have some great interactions as well. Patty is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. She doesn’t have a big role but she gives Barry her number, so they are getting along well.

The episode ended with two stingers. The first one being Martin Stein flaming up. But instead of being the normal yellow he was blue, which can’t be good. If I was to predict it would have to be him flaming out because he needs a new person to become Firestorm with. The second being Harrison Wells of Earth-2 coming out of the portal that Jay fixed. This excits me because I can’t wait to see Barry’s reaction to this.

The Flash enjoyed its best episode of the season with great teases and an awesome Snart plot!



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