Laural and Thea head to Nanda Parbat whilst Oliver and Diggle work out their issues in this weeks episode of Arrow.


Let’s start with what was going on at home in Star City. Damian Dahrk hires Double Down to kill the Arrow. Double Down had some really cool powers although we don’t learn to much about him. Although he wasn’t the focus of the plot, it was Diggle and Oliver who it focused on.

Diggle still doesn’t trust Oliver for what he done in season 3 and by the looks of things early on it was going to stay that way until Felicity stepped up and told them to sort it out. They have a brief conversation about their issues that was well scripted. It didn’t need to go on for a long time.

Diggle finally fesses up about Hive to Oliver and they go and try to get some more information on it. Of course they don’t, because this will be a seasonal arc but during this Oliver gains Diggles trust by taking a bullet for him or as Oliver put it, a meta-human tattooed playing card. It was great to see them get on the same page and work out their differences. Felicity also mentioned throughout the episode that it was OG Arrow team, which was very nostalgic.

Felicity and Curtis continued to work together and they had a great bit with Felicity asking for help with Arrow stuff and her giving him a terrible excuse, which harkens back to when Oliver used to do that to Felicity in season 1. But it doesn’t last long as he finds out she is working with the Green Arrow. They ruin the Arrow lair in the process which leads to Oliver saying that he has an Arrow lair 3.0.

On Nanda Parbat Malcolm tries to help Thea with her blood lust in Malcolm’s own messed up way, by making her kill 2 people. This will be interesting to see how this plays out as she isn’t happy with killing and Oliver definitely won’t be but it makes her normal.

In terms of Laural they bring Sara back to life to some bad results. She seems demonish and Nyssa isn’t happy about it. Sara seems to not take a liking to Thea, as you would expect from her killing Sara under Malcolm’s will. In the end Nyssa sours the Lazurus Pit and Malcolm looked pissed. The fallout from this will be massive.

Arrow had some great nostalgic moments as well as some big revelations in the overall plot of the season.



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