The second of Marvel’s netflix series Jessica Jones comes out November 20 and the trailer has just dropped!

I loved it. I really love how Marvel is going so dark with these series, it’s so different to what they are doing with the movies. It’s good to get a cleanser from the jokes and light heart nature of the films with these dark serious TV series. It’s like these series have no rules and they can do whatever they like, it worked for Daredevil and it looks like it will for Jessica Jones as well.

We get a sense of what exactly is going on. With Purple Man coming after Jessica Jones after she somehow got away from him a while ago. They tease a dark history between the two that I’m sure they will flesh out in the series. Purple Man has these mind control powers which I’m fully for. I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of mind control and I feel you can do some really cool things with it and that’s why I always thought he was the best choice to be the villain.

We see Luke Cage also, it’s great to see him and I can’t wait for his series. All of the performances look great, especially the glimpses we get of Purple Man, David Tennant brings this creepiness and scariness to his performance. The directing also looks great to.

I can’t wait for Jessica Jones to hit so I can binge it like crazy!


But watch the trailer for yourself here:

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