The crew continue to try whether the anarchy from the last 2 episodes in the latest Walking Dead.


Let’s start with the biggest thing to come out of this episode, Glenn, a fan favorite bit the bullet and died this week. This really came out of nowhere and shocked a lot of people, myself included. He doesn’t die like he does in the comics, but this still sufficed. The fallout from this will be massive for the group but especially Maggie.

We don’t see much of what is going on at home so not much to report on that front. Although Michonne and a couple others do get back and you see the amount of chaos that ensured from the wolves.

Rick had a pretty eventful time also. The first of which being him hurting his hand, whether it was by a walker or his knife we don’t know but they make sure to let us know that it is bothering him, could this be set-up for him chopping his hand off? Only time will tell.

Also with Rick was him running into the wolves, they attack him whilst he is in the camper van and he straight up murders five people. It was extremely brutal but also so badass at the same time. We end with Rick in the van that isn’t starting as a massive herd of zombies surround, how will he ever get out of this?

Daryl and the other crew continue to pull the other half of the herd away. The sheer amount of zombies on-screen is insane for a TV show. It reminds me of World War Z a lot.

The Walking Dead had a shocker episode this week which is sure to rank among the best moments in the series.



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