The last of the new DC TV series has debuted with Supergirl!


The pilot was pretty good, it set-up the tone of the series well and what it is going to be like going forward. I don’t think I’m the target audience but that’s okay because it’s still enjoyable for a superhero faithful.

The characters were all introduced well and each got enough time to layout what they are going to be like. Melissa Benoist as Supergirl was fantastic, she really embodies who that character is.

The story was a bit paint by the numbers but it is only the pilot. It was nothing special but I am keen to see if that changes in the coming weeks. They do a good job of setting up the future of the season and where all the people she will be fighting are coming from. There was also a pretty cool end credit teaser of the overarching villain being Kara’s aunt.

I felt some of the dialogue was a bit corny and the pacing was a little off at times. The special effects were mostly great and well done as well.

Supergirl gets off to a promising start with its pilot!



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