This weeks episode focused on Jemma and her survival on the alien planet.


It was great to see what exactly happened on the planet with Jemma. They done a good job of connecting us more to Jemma with this episode. Seeing her going from her normal self full of hope to someone with no hope at all was heartbreaking.

There were a couple twists in this episode however. Such as Jemma not being alone on the planet. She runs into an astronaut named Will who had been there since 2001. There dynamic was cool and I didn’t expect that at all. He is still left on the planet so that is why Jemma wants to go back.

We knew she was being haunted, but now we sorta know what was hunting her. It’s like some sandstorm demon thing that feeds off the planet and traps people on the planet and sends them crazy. It’s really scary.

Knowing that more than just Jemma has been to the planet is cool because it gives it history!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. focused on Jemma and gave us an awesome episode.


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