This week on Arrow Lance meets demon Sara!


The episode didn’t focus on the Sara conflict as much as I thought it would. Whilst it still plays a part it was relegated to only a couple of scenes. Although this conflict will play a much bigger role next week with the introduction of John Constantine now that Sara is out on the loose.

Last weeks episode focused on Oliver and Diggle getting back on the same page and this episode done the same with Lance and Oliver. They have been a shaky ground for a while now but after some loud arguments and a herioc speech by Lance they are back on the same page again. Although Oliver did find out about Lance working with Dahrk and now Lance is acting as a sort of inside man for the team. This spells big danger for Lance.

The main conflict was standard but well done. It wasn’t really anything special but it had it’s fair share of cool moments such as the Canary Cry.

Oliver is now running for mayor after rethinking doing so throughout the episode. This will bring us another new side to Oliver that I can’t wait to see develop.

They also laid the ground work for Ray Palmer’s reintroduction with Ray sending code to Felicity’s phone. I’m interested to see how it will pan out.

Arrow had a good episode this week with a lot of character development and great fight choreography.



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