So today I got dragged to watch the new Paranormal activity so here is my review!

I will disclaim that I am not a fan of horror movies, they just don’t do it for me. I also haven’t watched a Paranormal Activity since the first so I don’t have all the knowledge in the world about the franchise.

The movie just wasn’t scary, I get scared easy and this movie failed to scare me all that much. They rely pretty much fully on cheap jump scares which is so disappointing given what they were working with. It just isn’t scary seeing something push a camera over out of nowhere.

The story was pretty interesting but it ends on such a crappy note. They deal with a lot of cool and interesting things but they don’t really elaborate on them. Although the film felt really rushed towards the end, like the third act just comes out of nowhere and then the movie is over. The ending was so underwhelming as well, apparently this is the end of the series and if it is then it’s extremely disappointing, there is no closure it just ends.

The acting was pretty good. The film had a lot of humor as well which I wasn’t expecting, I found myself laughing a lot throughout.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimensions deals with a lot of cool elements but fails to capitalise on them resulting in a disappointing ending and cheap jump scares.



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