The second episode of Minecraft Story Mode has dropped and as the title suggests, some more assembly is required.

The turn around from episode 1 to episode 2 was incredibly short for Telltale, normally the time gap is a month or 2 but it was just mere weeks for this one. You can tell they didn’t have as much time as they wanted given the quality of this episode.

This episode was incredibly short, it took me just under an hour to beat it, which is short as a normal Telltale episode is around 2 hours. Now time shouldn’t be to much of a concern if it’s good but it isn’t. None of the decisions I made felt like they will make an impact on the overall story, it just felt filler. Despite that one big thing does get revealed in the episode which will be a big part of the story it just isn’t enough.

The game is incredibly rough around the edges aswell. There were a lot of janky animations and texture pop-ins. The voice sync was out as well which is unacceptable given the game relys so heavily on what is being said.

You can tell Telltale needed more time to make this episode great but for some reason decided to release it early.

Minecraft Story Mode episode 2: Assembly Required is a step back for the series after a great start.



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