This week on The Walking Dead was a Morgan centric episode which told his back story.


When I first saw that this episode would be an hour long and focus on just Morgan I let out a big sigh, an hour wasted from the main group on something we don’t need to know which has happened many times on The Walking Dead but boy was I wrong as this was one of the best Walking Dead episodes ever.

It was incredibly emotional, focusing on Morgan and Eastman, who takes Morgan under his wing. It was just the two of them and it worked perfectly. It was incredibly well acted from both men and they are what made the episode so good.

Finding out how Morgan came to be and the struggles that he endured was incredibly well told. I feel a lot more connected to Morgan as a character now and why he is like he is.

But the real star of the episode was Eastman, he has a really sad back story that hit hard. It showed that even the best of people can do the unthinkable. Finding out his hardship that he went through because of what happened to his family took a toll on me, it was just so well done.

A lot of people have been panning the episode saying it was filler and they want to know what’s going on in the present. I understand there cries but this was filler used to its very best form and I would much rather have more of this than ever find out what happened to Glenn.

The Walking Dead had its best episode yet with Here’s not Here.



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