The second episode of Supergirl has hit with a nice improvement over the pilot.


Supergirl had a good episode this week. Although the villain was weak overall the episode was well paced and told. It isn’t a massive improvement over the pilot but its going in the right direction, I like what I’m seeing.

I really like how they decided to focus on the aftermath of these superhero fights and the clean up. It’s something you really don’t see in these sort of superhero shows so it’s nice to see it get some attention. I hope the show decides to tackle more things like this.

I also like how they focus on Supergirl not being fully trained, she stumbles and makes mistakes as you would expect for someone who just became a superhero. It’s very similar to Laural in Arrow. Although they do fast track her training in this episode it was still nice to see it.

The fight scenes and special effects were incredible, really is something new for TV. Especially the final fight between Astra and Supergirl. I didn’t expect them to come face to face with each other for a long time but here we are. I like how they decided not to drag it out and it creates a lot of interesting directions the show can go.

There was some nice character development of Jimmy Olsen which was appreciated, I really like him so far. Cat Grant is still annoying as hell but I guess that’s her character. We also get a glimpse of who Hank Henshew is with his eyes glowing red, is he Cyborg Superman? Or Martian Manhunter? Who knows but I’m excited to find out. There was also a lot of cool easter eggs thrown in such as name drops of Clark Kent and Lois Lane as well as the fortress of solitude.

Supergirl improved this week with a good episode.



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