This week on SHIELD we felt the backlash from the actions of Hunter.


Daisy, Mack and the now off project Hunter continue to look for Lash. They think it might be Banks who works for the ATCU so they follow him and try to¬†find out if he is Lash. They find out he isn’t Lash but they do find the ATCU’s base. Daisy isn’t at all happy with what she sees as they have other InHumans in like these boxs that put them into stasis.

Coulson goes with Rosalind to see the base but gets pulled off track when something comes up for Rosalind. We find out more about Rosalind and her motivations, it makes her feel more human and I hope we find out more about her. Coulson and Rosalind also might seem to have something special going on to ;).

Bobbi was bought back into the field with May as they continue to hunt Ward. It’s good to see Bobbi back in action kicking ass. They find out something they weren’t expecting that ties into Lash.

Andrew survived the attack but he lied with how he done it. He survived it because he is Lash, an enemy hiding in plain sight. I didn’t expect this at all but my god does it change how the show is going. Only May knows this and because of her close relationship with Andrew it will be interesting to see what she does.

SHIELD had a great episode that revealed who Lash was.



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